The Oscars 2017

When I was approached to photograph an Oscar-inspired shoot, I was happy and a bit nervous to do it but wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone. So with a talented and hard-working team, we set out to create something beautiful and we did it.

This weekend, the red carpet is rolling out for the Oscars at the Dolby Theater in L.A. so I'm excited to share some of my favourites from the shoot.

Thanks to the creative team who made this happen:
Hair: Puzzle Creations
Makeup: Karen Kim Beauty
Inspiration: Erin Lam
Photography: Janet Kwan

The red dress takes inspiration from the red carpet


Food Styling: Earl Grey Ganache Tart

What makes this tart shine is that the ganache filling and the crust are the star. Any embellishment would take away from the scent of earl grey. The creamy ganache and the baked crust work together to create balance in texture. 

Tip: Don't forget to dock the dough before baking so that steam can escape. 

For a look at some behind the scenes and other baked treats, check out Annie's Instagram. 

Earl grey ganache tart with a side of earl grey tea