Commercial: Creative Bag

It’s always exciting to work with people who are passionate about their craft. I had the opportunity to photograph Creative Bag’s Holiday 2018 Creative Living Magazine and I’m so happy to see the final product. This shoot was a team effort by a group of talented artists, from bakers to letterers, styled by Lorrie Everitt.

The team:

Products: Creative Bag
Macarons: Macaronz
Cookies: Madbatter Bakers
Cookies: Teeny Tiny Bakery
Cookies: Emma’s Sweets
Lettering: Autumn Grey Designs
Florals: Flower Treasures
Cards: Alicia’s Infinity

Creative Living_holiday20185.jpg
Creative Living_holiday2018.jpg
Creative Living_holiday20186.jpg
Creative Living_holiday20183.jpg
Creative Living_holiday20184.jpg
Creative Living_holiday20182.jpg
Creative Living_holiday20187.jpg

Commercial: Tangerine

I photographed a set of images that were used for Tangerine’s Forward Thinking articles.

Lifestyle: This Wild Heart x Saje Wellness

I've had the opportunity to work with many amazing people and one of them is Esther of This Wild Heart. For Mother's Day, she partnered with Saje Wellness on their new Baby Care line. Read more about it