How I Tailor My Marketing to Small Weddings

When I decided I wanted to photograph smaller weddings (generally less than 150 guests) rather than weddings of every size, I started tailoring my work and marketing strategy.

First and perhaps the most obvious change was to update any description of what I photograph, whether it was the About page of my website or the bio in my social media accounts. The emphasis on "lifestyle and small weddings" made it clear that I specialize in those areas. In turn, the wedding inquiries I've received since have been from couples who have a smaller guest list. 

The next step was to showcase what these types of weddings looked like. Usually, that meant that group photos had less people in them or a bridal party with 1-2 bridesmaids or groomsmen. 

Another way to get the word out was by word of mouth. When someone asked about what I shoot, I made sure to mention that I focused on small, intimate weddings so that they have my name in mind when they're asked to refer a photographer. 

So far, this has been working to attract the right type of clients and it shows who has done their research before getting in touch.  

I hope this helps and if you have any tips, feel free to share them in a comment below or join me on Instagram.

How to make the most of a flower arrangement

After a week with this beautiful floral arrangement, it was time to remove some of the not-so-fresh stems. Instead of throwing out the entire bunch, you can still make the most of what's left.

Here are a few tips:

1. Collect all the flowers of the same colour.

Even if the flowers are all different types. If greens are available, add them too. This gives the smaller bunch a fuller look.  

2. Use a smaller vase. Or not a vase at all.

I love using teapots to hold flowers. They're just the right size and the handle and spout add an interesting detail. I've also used jam/mason jars, mini yogurt jars and even mugs.

3. If you don't have many flowers of the same colour palette, use greens to create shape and dimension.