Happy New Year

Learning new things, trying new things.

Before the end of last year, some friends and I were talking about some side projects and personal goals we wanted to work on and discovered that we had some common ones so we started on them as soon as we could.

Hopefully, I can share one of these projects with you soon because I have a feeling it may be helpful to you.


Commercial: The Distillery Historic District

One of the big projects I worked on late last year was an overhaul of photography for The Distillery Historic District in the heart of downtown Toronto. The Distillery is a popular pedestrian-only destination with shops, restaurants and events throughout the year.

When they reached out and asked me to photograph 30+ shops and to capture the overall atmosphere in with a tight deadline, I was excited to take on the task. There were challenges along the way, such as the lighting situation, waiting for the right moment without photographing customers and the weather for exterior shots, but overall the team was thrilled with the images and that’s what I strive to achieve.

And along the way, I had the opportunity to meet some the shop owners and talented artists of the Artscape Distillery Studios. I have an even bigger appreciation for what they do and to be able to connect with fellow small business owners.

Take a look the Distillery’s new website and be sure to check out the photo gallery where you’ll see more of the photos I took.

The new homepage of the  Distillery District .

The new homepage of the Distillery District.

I had the opportunity to take most of these photos.

I had the opportunity to take most of these photos.