Food: Mango Smoothie

Mangoes are my favourite fruit so we bought a case of mangoes and had one a day for about 2 weeks. Once the last few were a bit over ripe, I made a smoothie out of them. I made a non-alcoholic sparkling version:

  • Blend ripe mangoes until smooth
  • Carbonated/sparkling water or juice
  • Optional: bubbly

Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! The annual celebration of the mathematical constant, π (also written numerically as 3.14...) happens because of the date, March 14. It's common to mark the day by eating all kinds of pie, like an apple pie or pizza, which is also called a pie in some areas.

For us, it's our anniversary and of course, when your husband has a degree in mathematics, the day is especially significant. So significant, in fact, that it's an equally or more important date than our wedding anniversary. Just kidding. Sort of. It may seem a little irrational (ha, get it?) but if someone had told me along time ago that food was involved in math, I might've been slightly more interested. 

It's the second year in a row we've been in different countries on Pi Day so we'll have to celebrate it a few days later. Oh well, any reason to have pie and pizza right? :)