Lifestyle: Love Lettering by Doris Wai

We sat over lunch at our go-to cafe, catching up on the busyness of summer and wedding season. Doris shared her experience and gave words of encouragement. Because she knew the feeling. She's been there.

I had the privilege of meeting Doris, the artist behind Love Lettering, when I photographed her sister's wedding a few years ago. She created all the beautiful hand-lettered pieces like the seating chart and signage.

Last year, when I was planning my own wedding, Doris designed beautiful menu cards and a math-themed, chalkboard seating chart for us. I still have that seating chart in all its glory. 

What makes Doris' work stand out to me is that she's able to letter for different occasions and on all types of surfaces. I've seen her work in person and I'm always amazed at what she comes up with.

As we finished lunch, she reminded to go for it and to work hard at what I love to do because it would be worth it.