Lifestyle: Wild North Flowers Workshop

I attended a fun workshop taught by my friend Jenn from Wild North Flowers where we learned about different types of flowers and techniques behind putting together an arrangement. The flowers are sourced locally from Ontario growers so each stem stays fresh longer and the colours are much brighter and more vibrant. I've seen how these flowers still look great after a week or more.

Who are the workshops for?

There are a few types of workshops and each will have access to a collection of seasonal flowers and greens. They're great for groups (friends, family, coworkers), events (birthdays, bridal showers, parties) or for personal interest. No experience needed :)

What you'll learn:

You'll learn the fundamentals, thought process, tools, techniques and tips on how to care for the flowers. At the end, you get to take your creation home or have it delivered the next day at no extra charge (whether it's to your home, office or someone special). 

I've never put together flowers that weren't from a grocery store before so I had no idea where to start but Jenn walked the class through the steps and slowly we saw our work come together. There is so much more to it than sticking flowers in a vase. You have to prepare the vase first (who knew?) and consider things like the types of flowers you want to use, the colours, the importance of greens (aka everything that's not a flower), the height of each stem, etc. 

One very important tip: Change the water every day!

So check out the upcoming workshops. Winter around here is dreary and drab so flowers really do liven up your place. Now without further adieu, I'd like to present my arrangement:

You'll see that I chose the biggest flowers and some are still blooming. I'll have to show an update in a couple of days to see what it looks like fully grown.

Lifestyle: Love Lettering by Doris Wai

We sat over lunch at our go-to cafe, catching up on the busyness of summer and wedding season. Doris shared her experience and gave words of encouragement. Because she knew the feeling. She's been there.

I had the privilege of meeting Doris, the artist behind Love Lettering, when I photographed her sister's wedding a few years ago. She created all the beautiful hand-lettered pieces like the seating chart and signage.

Last year, when I was planning my own wedding, Doris designed beautiful menu cards and a math-themed, chalkboard seating chart for us. I still have that seating chart in all its glory. 

What makes Doris' work stand out to me is that she's able to letter for different occasions and on all types of surfaces. I've seen her work in person and I'm always amazed at what she comes up with.

As we finished lunch, she reminded to go for it and to work hard at what I love to do because it would be worth it. 

Lifestyle: Your Pal Al x Wild North Flowers

I met Allie from Your Pal Al Creative at an outdoor show and loved her mini pots and stools instantly. Months later, we collaborated along with Jenn of Wild North Flowers and put together this styled shoot.

We shared our knowledge and tips and in the end, everyone learned something new while contributing to the group.