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Photo: Natta Summerky

Photo: Natta Summerky

Hi, I’m Janet.

I'm a lifestyle commercial photographer based in Toronto, Canada. My style is bright, clean and natural which draws the focus to your story and brand. 


I've photographed lifestyle imagery for clients like Google, Airbnb, McDonald's, Schick, Mary Macleod's Shortbread, Tom Ford, Anthropologie and Purina. I've also been an official accredited photographer at the Rogers Cup on behalf of the Canadian Olympic Committee.

I also work with local businesses by creating custom content to elevate their brand, including styling, product photography and portraits.


Every year, I reserve a limited number of weekends only for small weddings of 100 guests, which allows me to dedicate more time to each couple. More dates for weddings during the week are welcome. 

Small weddings creates an intimate environment for the bride and groom to enjoy more time with their family and closest friends while I document those special moments. 

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A bit more about me

Favourite places I've traveled so far:
Japan, Taiwan, Iceland

Other places I've traveled to:
Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Portland, Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, etc.

Coffee or tea?
100% tea though I like the smell of coffee.

TV shows I love:
The Office, Gilmore girls, The Big Bang Theory

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